The Annual Offensive Line Clinic Home Page

Dear Coach,

The Annual Offensive Line Clinic was held on May 15 & 16, 2015 at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati Ohio. It was a great clinic again and we had over 400 High School, College, and Professional Coaches come to town for the two day clinic. It also brought media such as Sports Illustrated and EA Sports to cover our great clinic. We had coaches from three countries and coaches that traveled as far as Japan to be a part of the clinic.

The 2015 Annual Offensive Clinic brought the finest minds in offensive line play from around the country to Cincinnati for the two day clinic. Friday Night was led off with Auburn Line Coach JB Grimes. He did a great presentation on the Run Game with an Auburn perspective. John Strollo, Ball State, followed that talk with a presentation on "Circular Force". John is known to be one of the best O-Line fundamental teachers in the country. Ed Warinner, of the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes, was up next and presented on the Ohio State Spread Run Game. Our final Friday Night Speaker was Art Kehoe of the Miami Hurricanes. He brought down the house with a great clinic session.

On Saturday, Joe Gilbert, Offensive Line Coach from The Indianapolis Colts presneted on the Colts Weak Side Counter Play (WRAP), and drills to teach it. . The Master of the Zone Play Alex Gibbs presented on the Inside Zone, Outside Zone, boots and thoughts on the Power. Jim McNally kept everyone updated by presenting on the Current Trends in Offensive Line Play, which he studies year round. . Scott Peters (Offensive Line Consultant and Hand Combat/Leverage Specialist went for nearly 90 minutes on how to execute multiple blocks using techniques that he teaches around the country. . Coach Paul Boudreau Offensive Line Coach St. Louis Rams, did his session on the fundamentals of teaching the Inside Zone and Pass Pro and how they translate into a game. He concluded his session by presenting on the Key Play, a favorite of his. Jim Schwartz (2014 DC of the Buffalo Bills/HC Detroit Lions 2009 to 2013) gave coaches a perspective how Defensive Coaches look at offenses, Coach Schwartz presented on how Defensive Coaches Game plan vs Offensive Tendencies. This was a tremendous presentation. I covered a topic on slide protection, using the idea of conflict of assignment. It is a pass pro concept that has worked the last 30 years. This may have been our best line up ever.

Our LIne up had coaches who are National Champions, Bowl Participants, and Multiple NFL Playoff Teams, a former NFL Head Coach, and one of the NFL's Best DC in 2014, and some of the best rushing teams in college football. We had a Great Clinic.

Circle your Calendar for May 20 & 21, 2016. The 3rd Saturday of May Next Year. Don't worry, its not Memorial Day or Mothers Day Weekend. And if you missed this year's clinic, Don't Worry, The DVD's are now ready, and they turned out Great.


Bob Wylie
NFL Offensive Line Coach