The Annual Offensive Line Clinic Home Page

Dear Coach,

The Annual Offensive Line Clinic will be held Friday May 20 and Saturday May 21, 2016 at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati Ohio. It will be another great clinic and we expect over 400 High School, College, and Professional Coaches to come to town for the two day clinic. It will also bring media such as Sports Illustrated and EA Sports to cover our great clinic.

The 2016 Annual Offensive Clinic will bring the finest minds in offensive line play from around the country to Cincinnati for the two day clinic. Friday Night will continue our tradition of college and CFL Coaches. At this point I have Bill Bendenbaugh, Offensive LIne Coach of the Oklahoma Sooners and Kris Sweet of the Montreal Alouettes. Robbie Caldwell of Clemson will speak coming off their performance in the National Championship Game, and tremendous 14-1 season. Our Final College Coach will be Don Mahoney Offensive LIne Coach from Tennessee. Don will speak on the Counter Series (Strong and Weak).

On Saturday we will have 6 NFL coaches speak. Andy Heck, Offensive LIne Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs will present. They finished with 11 wins this year and were the 5th Seed in the AFC Playoffs. Paul Alexander of the Cincinnati Bengals will also present again. The Bengals won 12 games in 2015. Jim McNally will cover 100 ways to block Key situations. I will cover a play or two that we had a lot of success with in 2015. Aaron Kromer (Offensive Line Coach - Buffalo Bills) will return to the clinic, ans well as Steve Marshall (Offenive Line Coach - NY Jets). Long time NFL Line Coach Jim Hanifin will be a special guest speaker on Saturday as well.

Circle your Calendar for May 20 & 21, 2016. The 3rd Saturday of May Next Year. Don't worry, its not Memorial Day or Mothers Day Weekend. And if you missed last year's clinic, Don't Worry, The DVD's are now ready, and they turned out Great.


Bob Wylie
NFL Offensive Line Coach/Retired

Winnipeg Blue Bombers / Offensive Line Coach