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2024 Clinic Schedule Times and Dates will update Soon. 

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2024 Clinic Speakers


Speakers, Team & Topics


MAY 16, 2024 (times listed Eastern and are subject to change)

11:50-12:00  Bob Wylie Welcome


12:00-1:15  Jim McNally - NFL Alumni

Topic: 5, 6 & 7 Man Protections 


1:15-1:45 Steve Spagnoula - Defensive Coordinator, Kansas City Chiefs

Topic: Questions & Answers


1:45-3:00 Joe Cullen - Defensive Line Coach, Kansas City Chiefs

Topic: Putting The QB Down When It’s a Must!!


3:00-4:15 Joe D'alessandris, OL Coach, Baltimore Ravens 

Topic: Fundamentals for Gap Scheme Blocking


4:15-5:30 Keynote Presentation - Andy Reid, HC, Kansas City Chiefs

Topic: From Offensive Line Coach To Head Coach 


5:30-6:45 Dante Scarnecchia - NFL Alumni

Topic: How To Become A Better Coach On Game Day


6:45-8:00 Jeff Stoutland, OL Coach, Philadelphia Eagles

Topic: THE PROGRESSION! Teaching Basic run game and pass protection from the ground up


8:00-9:15  Chris Strausser, OL Coach, Houston Texans

Topic: Protection Principles 


MAY 17, 2024

10:15-10:20   Bob Wylie Welcome

10:20-11:30 Steve Palazzolo - Pro Football Focus

Topic:  Data and Offensive Line Play

11:30-12:00  Chris Sherwood - BioCore

Topic: Statistical information for Helmet Contacts for Offensive Linemen


12:00-1:15  Steve Ciocci, OL Coach, Bryant

Topic: 5,6,7 Man Protection 


1:15-2.30  Brad Davis, OL Coach, LSU

Topic: Building Individual based on Opponent Specific Looks.


2:30-3:45  Bill Durkin, OL Coach, Liberty

Topic: Duo With Variations And Techniques 


3:45-5:00  Dennis McKnight, OL Coach

Topic:  Get out of your comfort zone and be open to exploring new ways to teach O-Line techniques 


5:00-6:45  Sherrone Moore, Head Coach, Michigan


6:45-8:00 Justin Frye, OL Coach, Ohio State

Topic:  Progression Teaching For Your O-Line — Film/Technique/Scheme


8:00-9:15 Brandon Jones, OL Coach, Mizzou

Topic: Basic Principles In Running The Outside Zone Play 


MAY 18, 2024

7:50-8:00  Bob Wylie Welcome


8:00-9:15  Nic Cardwell, OL Coach, Cincinnati 

Topic: Pistol Wide Zone The Bearcat Way


9:15-9:45, 10:00-10:30 Paul Alexander - NFL Alumni

Topics: Head Coach Finally & Critical Simple Blocking Mechanics 


10:30-11:45 Mike Hallett - OL Coach, Toledo

Topic:  Marrying the Run Game and Pass Pro:  Marrying Up the 3rd Down Plan


11:45-1:00  Adam Cushing, OL Coach, Texas A&M

Topic: Pin & Pull Schemes 


1:00-2:15    Brennan Carroll, OL Coach, Washington

Topic: Widezone/Midzone Differences & Similarities


2:15-3:30    Steed Lobotzke, OL Coach, Air Force

Topic: Run Blocking Footwork Technique and FINISH 


3:30-4:45   Jim Harding, OL Coach, Utah

Topic:  Stunt/Movement Pick Up


4:45-6:00  Mike Pollack, Director of Training, Tip of the Spear

Topic: Tip of the Spear: Developing Systems for Contact Skills


6:00 - 7:15   Luc Brodeur, OL Coach, Montreal Alouettes

Topic: Short Yardage, RSO ( RPO on Linebacker), Weight Distribution Focus. OL Technique 

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